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Cost-effective, Proactive IT Systems Management, Phone system, and On-call Expert Support

Wondering whether to hire IT professionals in-house versus seeking outside help?

Ongoing IT systems and operations require a combination of IT manager, systems engineer and desktop support technician skills. Can you support all these full-time salaries? If in-house staff divides time between special projects and periodic maintenance, will maintenance still be performed on a systematic basis?  Will higher-level IT staff move on to more challenging job opportunities?




Solutions That Work


With Post Modern Communication's Enterprise IT Services for Small & Medium Businesses you can have the best of all worlds — “Big Business” tools for proactive network management and on-call expertise when you need it. We provide cost-effective, reliable IT services and phone system support specifically tailored to your business needs.

Post Modern Network Consulting helps keep your computer and phone systems up-to-date, stable and secure so that you can focus on customer responsiveness, employee retention, capacity growth and other initiatives necessary to maintain profitability.



With our Enterprise IT Services for Small & Medium Businesses a streamlined IT management and support solution can be tailored to your business needs.


Predictable Service by Expert Technicians

Our staff members are trained  and they have extensive on-site experience — they are not call center employees. Our technicians handle repetitive work gracefully and responsibly, but are qualified to address all of the IT needs of small to mid-sized business.

Tailored to your Needs with Predictable Costs

Post Modern Consulting’s Enterprise IT Services provide the backbone to keep your systems running efficiently. Most activities are scheduled for off hours to minimize disruption to your business day. Our disciplined approach benefits even companies with internal IT staff, because having routine maintenance outsourced allows in-house IT staff to focus on your company’s business activities rather than fighting the fires that often result from sporadic maintenance.


A pre-determined monthly fee, based on the number of servers, workstations and other network devices eliminates your concerns about unpredictable IT expenses. We can also establish fixed fees for routine administrative and support tasks.

When emergencies arise, having this program in place gives you immediate access to seasoned technicians familiar with your current environment. Enterprise IT Services for Small & Medium Businesses — experienced enterprise-class IT management, skilled engineers and dependable technicians at less than traditional on-site IT rates.


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